The AFCoW News & Events section will provide an outlet for news reports and commentary on waterbirds in the Asian Flyways as well as reporting on new publications (see References). A schedule of Events will be provided for meetings, workshops, and other activities that may interest AFCoW members. Please feel free to send topics for News & Events to the organizers through the contact page or listserve.

AFCoW Webinar. 17 November 8AM EST (9PM China Standard Time).

The second webinar in our series will be on November 17th when Dr. Yali Si from the University of Leiden, Netherlands will be presenting “Global change on bird distribution, migration and diversity” and Dr Shenglai Yin from Nanjin Normal University, China will be presenting “Species-dependent effect of habitat loss on migratory waterfowl and avian influenza virus dispersal in the East Asian–Australasian Flyway. All are welcome and we’re looking forward to our discussions!

26 October 2021 Webinar Uploaded!

Our first webinar that occurred on October 26th has been uploaded if you were unable to attend! Stay tuned for more information on our next meeting – November 17th!

AFCoW launches new website

Asian Flyways Collaborative for Waterbirds (AFCoW)The Asian Flyways Collaborative for Waterbirds (AFCoW) is a group of researchers seeking to exchange ideas and find opportunities for collaboration to improve the understanding of waterbird ecology in the Asian Flyways. AFCoW is directed at members interested in participating in scientific discussions or developing research partnerships on waterbirds in the Central Asian and East Asian-Australasian Flyways.

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