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The Asian Flyways Collaborative for Waterbirds (AFCoW) is a group of researchers seeking to exchange ideas and find opportunities for collaboration to improve the understanding of waterbird ecology in the Asian Flyways. AFCoW is directed at members interested in participating in scientific discussions or developing research partnerships on waterbirds in the Central Asian and East Asian-Australasian Flyways.

AFCoW supports a ListServe (AFCoW@simplelists.com) that allows its members to share email messages including updates of recent work and discussions of a variety of relevant topics, problems, or analyses. Joining the ListServe is open to all. Subscribe in the sidebar with your name and email, or send an email to afcow@simplelists.com. Please add the afcow email to you contact list so you receive the confirmation email.

To enhance our discussions, we are planning to initiate an AFCoW Webinar Series starting in October 2021 (see News and Events), providing an opportunity for members to present talks about their waterbird research interests and findings. In addition, we hope to facilitate meetings on waterbirds of East Asia at stand-alone events or associated with upcoming conferences.

If you have suggestions or questions about the initiative, please send an email to the moderators at AFCoW@simplelists.com. We would love to hear from you about ways to improve the value of AFCoW for the group members. Also, if you have field photos to share, please send them along so we can post them on the AFCoW website.

Member List:

Member Affiliation
Antony, Paul Bombay Natural History Society
Balachandran, S Bombay Natural History Society
Baraiya, Harindra Wildlife Institute of India
Batbayar, Nyambayar Wildlife Science Center
Battley, Phil Massey University
Bin Muzaffar, Sabir United Arab Emirates University
Chan, Simba BirdLife International
Cheng, Yachang Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior
Choi, Chang-Yong Seoul National University
Choi, Jimmy Southern University of Science and Technology
Choudhury, Sayam University of Cambridge
Contina, Andrea University of Oklahoma
Das (Bisharga), Delip K. University of Groningen, Netherlands, Jagannath University, Bangladesh
de Boer, Fred Wageningen University
Deepak, Apte Srushti Conservation Foundation
Fox, Charles Avian Design
Fuller, Richard University of Queensland
Hill, Nichola University of Massachusetts at Boston
Inoue, Tohki BirdLife International
K.M., Aarif King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Katti, Tuhina Bombay Natural History Society
Klaassen, Marcel Deakin University
Kumar, Suresh Wildlife Institute of India
Lanctot, Richard USFWS
Lee, Hansoo Korea Institute of Environmental Ecology
Lei, Guangchun Bejing Forestry University
Li, David Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Liu, Tao International Crane Foundation
Ma, Zhijun Fudan University
McKinlay, Bruce New Zealand Department of Conservation
Melville, David Global Flyway Network
Moriguchi, Sachiko Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Mundkur, Taej Wetlands International
Or, Carmen WWF Hong Kong
Panagoda, Gayomini University of Colombo
Prins, Herbert Wageningen University
Prosser, Diann USGS
Athira, TR Government College Madappally
Roshier, David University of Adelaide
Sabano, Yutaka Japan Association for Wild Geese Protection
Sathiyaselvam, P Bombay Natural History Society
See, Jacelyn Malaysian Nature Society
Selvaraj, Ramesh Kumar Bombay Natural History Society
Seneviratne, Sampath University of Colombo, Department of Zoology and Environmental Sciences
Shenglai, Yin Nanjing University
Si, Yali Leiden University
Sirola, Gaurav Wildlife Institute of India
Sivakumar, Swaminathan Bombay Natural History Society
Sukhbaatar, Tuvshintugs Wildlife Science Conservation Center
Sullivan, Jeffery USGS
Syroechkovskiy, Evgeny BirdsRussia/All-Russian Research Institute for Nature Conservation
Takekawa, John Suisun Resource Conservation District
Tibbitts, Lee USGS
Tokunaga, Yurika Veterinary Student
Tucker, Marlee Radboud University
Ushiyama, Katsumi Miyajimanuma Waterbird and Wetland Center, EAAFP Anatidae Working Group
Vaithianathan, Kannan Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology
Vantoor, Marielle Linnaeus University
Waldenstrom, Jonas Linnaeus University
Watkins, Doug The East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership
Wei, Jie Tsinghua University
Wikelski, Martin Max Planck Institute of Bird Migration
Xu, Yanjie University of Helsinki, Finnish Museum of Natural History
Xu, Fei Tsinghua University
Yamaguchi, Noriyuki University of Nagasaki
Zhang, Yong Nanjing Forestry University
Zhang, Yimo WWF China
Zhang, Wenyuan University of Oxford
Zheng, Huang Nanjing Normal University

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