1. Fight or Flight: Investigating the response of shorebird flocks to uncrewed aerial vehicles

By Joshua Wilson who is a PhD candidate in the School of Environment at the University of Queensland, Australia. He has been investigating the use of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) to survey shorebirds as they forage across vast intertidal habitats. As a first step, he has been studying the response of mixed-species shorebird flocks to an approaching UAV.

2. Variation and Status of ducks (Anatidae) species  during migration period: Case Study Chukh Lake

By Altangerel Tsogtmagnai who is a researcher in the Mongolian Bird Conservation Center and also serves as the coordinator of the Chukh Bird Research Station. His work and that of his team primarily involves researching the ecology, biology, and migration of endangered species in eastern Mongolia. Furthermore, the CBRS primarily concentrates on the study of shorebirds and waterbirds.


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