Our last AFCoW Webinar of the season has been uploaded from 18 May 2022 where Zhiwei Guo from Louisiana State University presented on “How do the wetlands on the Liao River Plain in Northeast China support migratory cranes?,” Yachang Cheng from Sun Yat-sen University presented on “The first GPS tracking study of pelagic seabird, the streaked shearwater in Yellow sea, China” and Hui Yu from Wageningen University presented on “A new GPS transmitter system allowing continuous on-board behaviour classification – a case study with Pacific Black Ducks.”

Our next meeting will be in September/October! Keep an eye on your emails for future dates and let us know if you would like to present some of your work or if you have any other ideas for AFCoW!

If you don’t have access to YouTube we have also uploaded our webinar to Bilibili: Link coming soon!