Dr. Nyambayar Batbayar: Tracking the migration of threatened White-naped cranes from Mongolia and its conservation implications

Since 2014, we have tracked over 80 White-naped cranes from various locations at their breeding grounds in eastern Mongolia. The individuals we tracked belong to the western flyway of the species where most migrate between Mongolia and Poyang Lake. There are some clear indications about the migration divide between the two flyways. Several individuals tracked from easternmost Mongolia belonged to the eastern flyway reaching Korean Peninsula. It seems to be the two flyways are not completely separated. We have identified several key stopover sites, which we believe the species’ survival depends on them. One of them is Duolin, a site located in southern Inner Mongolia. The location was a hub for the cranes in the northern part of the range. This raises several questions, including the area’s health and introduction of infectious diseases, etc.

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