In December’s AFCoW webinar, Dr. Bala (Deputy Director of the Bombay Natural History Society) presented “The Global Significance of Shorebirds Ringing at Point Calimere- with special emphasis on the changes in the migratory movement pattern.” He showed us the importance of Point Calimere in connecting central Asia and eastern Asia by waterbird migration.

Our next webinar will be held on 18 January 2022. Dr. Fei Xu (Chongqing University) will present on “Migratory herbivorous waterfowl couple the seed wave and green wave during spring migration.”

See times below:

Beijing and Ulaanbaatar: Wednesday, 18 January, 21:00

USA: Wednesday, 18 January, 08:00 EST; 07:00 CST; 05:00 PST

Tokyo and Seoul: Wednesday, 18 January, 22:00

New Delhi and Colombo: Wednesday, 18 January, 18:30

Sydney: Thursday, 19 January, 00:00

Wellington: Thursday, 19 January, 02:00

Abu Dhabi: Wednesday, 18 January, 17:00

Amsterdam: Wednesday, 18 January, 14:00

London: Wednesday, 18 January, 13:00


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